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Our first Data Center is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A second Midwest site is coming soon!

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Outsourced Data Center Solutions

Providing a business model and facility approach that follows proven "best practices" in design, construction and operation.

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Client Profiles for Managed Services

Most organizations can cost-justify and benefit from outsourcing their data center needs

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Current Thinking

Why The Tier Level Matters

We were asked recently about the choice of a Tier 3 Enhanced design for our new Data Holdings facility. As it turned out it was really more of a question about the differences between the tier ratings and why they matter.

So to best explain it is nothing more than a standard method for defining and then measuring the predictable uptime you can

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Data Center Challenges

Primarily driven by a massive influx of data, CIOs, IT and data center managers are all facing multiple, and sometimes competing priorities. They need to hold down operational costs, improve energy efficiency and optimize capacity—all while maintaining network availability and reliability. Amid capital expenditure budget restrictions and corporate requirements for lower total cost of ownership (TCO), the critical operational management challenges facing data

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HIPAA Complaint



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